Roofing SEO

Having a website for your roofing business is not a guarantee that you will capture the attention of the online audience. If you load Google, search for any keywords like “roofing” and your business website doesn’t show up on the first page, then you are not doing everything right. Studies show nearly half of the clicks are always on the first three results.

Research has shown that local middle and small scale businesses were initially a bit reluctant in embracing Search Engine Optimization¬ (SEO) and left it to large scale companies. Local businesses are increasingly embracing digital marketing as it has become a crucial tool in reaching out to a larger customer base. More and more people are turning to the internet to look for solutions for their problems, so if you have a roofing business and you believe in the power of the internet as a marketing strategy and its longevity; then you need to start in investing in roofing SEO.

What is Roofing SEO?

Roofing SEO is basically the process of improving your roofing company’s online presence. It involves the optimization of your roofing website and its content to rank higher in any search engine result. It also involves constant monitoring to make sure your roofing business website remains visible across the digital space. Roofing SEO Pros ( is a professional organization that can help build your brand via the digital market.

Why you need Roofing SEO

Take, for example, a roofing company in San Antonio. This company will definitely rank higher in a search involving the phrase “roofers in San Antonio”. This is because the person who is searching for that phrase wants to find various roofing businesses in San Antonio to choose from. This will result in more customers flocking their website resulting in more business leads.

Roofing SEO Pros ( will help turn leads into sales and sales into profit. Therefore, roofing SEO helps you improve your company’s digital presence using relevant optimizing phrases to stand out from the competition.

How to implement a Roofing SEO strategy

Roofing SEO Pros-, is a one-stop shop for tips on how you can improve your brand awareness. The following are tips on how you can effectively market your business on the internet.

  1. Keyword definition

The basic principle behind any SEO strategy is the definition of specific keywords. Your roofing website will only rank higher in a search engine result due to the relationship between the phrases in the query and the words on your site, so it is crucial to first determine the type and amount of keywords your website needs. In defining keywords, you will need to narrow down to the target audience. You do not need to get leads from customers living far away from your location of a business.

To curate your roofing website, below are some of the keyword definition strategies;

  1. i) Roofing keyword+ Area of Service structure

This is going to be the core of your roofing business. This is because the search is been narrowed just to your area of service. Fewer websites are being ranked on this phrase which means that your site will be easily ranked on the first page of an engine search.

  1. ii) General roofing keywords

This one involves the use of common phrases searched by customers. They may include terms such as roofing, roofers, roofing services and roofing contractors. However, this won’t guarantee a higher rank unless you attach specific phrases.

  1. Make sure your roofing website is up to date.
  2. Add relevant and topical optimized content to your website.
  3. Use Google analytics to monitor the traffic on your website.
  4. Avail your location and contacts on your website.
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